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If your problems are causing more damage to you and drive your life out of control, then it is probably time to go for a regression counselling.  A lot of people are wondering what regression therapy is all about and how it can help a person overcome their stress and troubles.  So, here are some of the important facts that you need to know about this very effective and efficient treatment:regression counselling

What is Regression Therapy?

Regression counselling is a type of counselling that is considered to be more powerful and has a faster healing technique to transform the client compared to other forms of counselling.  If you look at the dictionary meaning of regression, it simply means “to return to a former condition” or “an act of reasoning backwards”.  Its primary goal is to focus on resolving previous events on a person’s life that seems to be interfering with his present state of mental and emotional well-being. It also aims to help a person by providing an in-depth understanding to a person’s past encounters that somehow affected his present life.

History of Regression Therapy

Regression counselling’s roots can be traced back to hypnotherapy and psychoanalysis with emphasis on bringing back the details of past encounters to help solve present conflicts.  It became popular in the 1950’s and cemented its presence with the help of Sigmund Freud.  Freud’s theories and ideas become a significant part of the foundation of the hypnotherapy and regression therapy.  The consciousness became the core focus of the practice and treatment.

Different Levels of Consciousness

During the regression therapy, a person will need to go back and explore the different levels of his consciousness to be able to tap previous memories.  Some of these memories are only accessible in the conscious mind and for the therapy to be successful, your have to access all the consciousness levels.  Below are the different levels that are recognized in the regression therapy:

The Conscious Mind

The conscious mind refers to the thoughts and ideas that the person is aware of having.  Awareness is the key word here.  Everything that the person is aware of is included in his conscious mind.

The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind refers to a person’s habits, instincts, phobias and emotions that he is unaware of having.  He portrays this behavior subconsciously without knowing the reason behind them.  However, it can be concluded that this behavior can be caused by previous encounters that have a huge impact on him.

The Superconscious Mind

The superconscious mind refers to the higher element of a person.  It represents the spirit or soul of the individual.  This is our conscience and provides the grounds on how a person should act and think.

How It WorksPrivate Psychotherapy Counselling Kerry.

Regression counselling usually occurs in five stages:

Preparation Stage

During the preparation stage, the counsellor helps the patient achieve a relaxed state with the use of deep breathing.  The main goal of this stage is to get the patient ready for the upcoming session.

Conducting Regression Techniques

Once the patient has achieved a relaxed state, the counsellor can now apply some regression techniques on him.

Release of Emotions

The patient will now be ready to talk about their emotions and what is bothering them. Just like any other type of counselling, the counsellor will just listen to the patient while he is expressing himself and asks questions every now and then to keep the conversation going.

Reprogramming the Subconscious

Once the patient has started to express himself, the counsellor and patient can now evaluate the situation and analyze how a particular memory or incident can have a negative impact on the present.  During this phase, both the counsellor and patient will work together to develop another way of describing the past event and create a positive memory of it.  This will help promote a sense of resilience and develop strength in the person.

Session Conclusion

At the end of every session, the goal of developing a better understanding of a person’s past should be achieved.  The problem might not totally be resolved but it is important to have development every session.

Purposes of Regression Therapy

Regression counselling has been successfully used as treatments for persons in all ages and all walks of life. Here are some of the conditions that regression counselling can treat:


People who have experienced something traumatizing such as accident, rape, robbery and other near-death-experiences can develop a trauma.  This trauma will usually be triggered by the slightest memory of their experience and can sometimes control the lives of a person.  Through regression counselling, a person with a trauma will be able to overcome it.

Fears and Phobias

Some people have a fear of heights while some have a phobia of snakes.  Some adults even have a phobia of clowns.  No matter how petty or huge their fears may look for others, these fears usually control the lives of the people who are affected.  Because of this, they are limited to do whatever they want.  Regression counselling can also address and resolve any issue that is connected to fears and phobias.

Relationship Issues

Do you know someone who is so afraid to start an intimate relationship with another person?  Or how about that friend who dates a lot of girls but is not really happy?   These people probably have a fear of being in a relationship and opening up themselves to other people.  Most of the time, the person experiencing this might not even be aware of this. Through regression counselling, a person will be able to tap his inner self and understand the reason behind this.Your local counsellor in Kerry

Regression Therapy Kerry

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