Private Psychotherapy Counselling Cork & Kerry

Sometimes, we feel like talking to someone outside our circle about what is troubling our lives. It’s why you need a professional therapist who is in a safe and confidential setting who offers to listen to you without any judgement.

Through the development of a dynamic and reliable relationship, the therapist helps you gain a better insight into your issue, discover a way forward together, and once again, you can take charge of your life.

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What is Psychotherapy Counselling?

Psychotherapy, or “talk therapy”, is a way to treat people with a mental disorder by helping them understand their illness. It teaches people strategies and gives them tools to deal with stress and unhealthy thoughts and behaviours. Psychotherapy helps patients manage their symptoms better and function at their best in everyday life. Sometimes psychotherapy alone may be the best treatment for a person, depending on the illness and its severity. Other times, psychotherapy is combined with medications.

It is not always smooth, and that is the reason why you need a professional who is in a safe and conducive environment. Once in such a setting, you will be able to discuss the most painful chapters and get a solution that contributes to personal development. Therapists work with an individual or families to devise an appropriate treatment plan. Check out below different types of therapy….

Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive therapy deals with thoughts and perceptions, and how these can affect feelings and behaviour. By reassessing negative thoughts an individual can learn more flexible, positive ways of thinking, which can ultimately affect their feelings and behaviour towards those thoughts.Psychotherapy Kerry

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)