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Hypnosis for EXAM Success, Confidence and Studying Focus
Exam nerves can affect anyone, at any age. It doesn’t matter how much a person has revised or how much[...]
13 Tips to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking Naturally in 2019
Public speaking can be exciting, interesting and frightful. Many of us step back to speak in front of a crowd[...]
13 Tips to Quit Smoking Naturally in 2019
Build your desire to stop smoking Naturally The first step to quit smoking is one’s willingness. One’s strong intention to leave[...]
Irishman Lost 4 Stone using Virtual Gastric Band Therapy
Bus driver who lost 4 stone in just 12 weeks talks about the therapy and therapist who helped him change[...]
Stop Smoking with Hypnosis
The Times newspaper in May 2007 quoted a 95% success rate for hypnotherapy in helping people to give up smoking,[...]
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Counselling & Hypnotherapy Kerry New fotothing Profile: Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss on fotothing  Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy on fotothing  New pbase[...]

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What Everyone Ought To Know About Couple Counselling
Married life can be one of the best experience that you can have but when things are going down south,[...]
What is Couple Counselling?
Couple counselling facilitates couples and individuals to discover, look at their issues and work to resolve them in the course[...]
5 Tips on Resolving Marital Problems
Marital problems can be one of the major reasons why wedded couple seek a divorce. Some even cite their irreconcilable[...]