A romantic relationship keeps us close to each other as humans. It is a hard decision to choose the right partner and stay together through thick and thin and the life turns. Having to get married and raise a family together only complicates issues.

It can be full-time arguments or fighting from time to time – very few relationships are conflict free. When the relationship starts to vacillate, we suffer from all corners and mostly, happiness goes.What most of us try to do is try and save the relationship by having to work through whatever is between, but using outside help is incredibly helpful.

Have you started seeing signs of cracks in your marriage?

Feel free to call us on 087 1656050, and we will arrange a sitting for you with our counsellor.

What Marriage Counselling Entails

Marriage guidance is a form of therapy that seeks to improve relationships especially communication and regaining intimacy. The difference between this type of treatment and others involving different relationship issues which can be attended by a single person, marriage counselling involves two people in a relationship.

Marriage Therapy

Happy marriage through marriage counselling

Our counsellor performs marriage therapy and has the relevant training to h
elp to work dynamically depending on the issue. While it’s suited for two, one can attend alone in case the other is somehow reluctant. You may attract your partner to join you at later stages, and it’s also possible to intersperse the sessions with individual sessions.

We employ some techniques during sessions, and some of the work involved will take place during therapy. However, most of the times, the counsellor will be giving you homework to go and sort it out or discuss before the next session. You will then talk to your adviser about the findings and challenges that you faced and how it made you feel.

Why do people come for Private Marriage Counselling?

  • Conflicts and power struggle
  • Communication
  • Separation and divorce
  • Inadequate emotional satisfaction
  • Extramarital affairs
  • Trust issues and intimacy among many others.

Marriage After A Miscarriage

Having a baby is probably one of the best things that ever could happen to a married couple.  The happiness that they feel when they found out about the pregnancy really puts them on cloud nine.  However, all these can be shattered with a pregnancy loss.  A miscarriage can have a great impact on the relationship of a married couple.

This is a very difficult phase of their relationship where both of them are grieving and confused.  A miscarriage can sometimes tear the couple apart or bring them closer.  It really depends on how they cope with their feelings.

This unfortunate incident can definitely change your marriage especially when you see your spouse dealing with grief in a different way than you do.  However, you shouldn’t let this destroy your bond as a couple. Through marriage counselling, a couple will be to seek help for them to overcome this bump in their marriage.

Local Marriage Counselling Kerry

Alaimh counselling provides marriage counselling in Kerry to help on some of the common relationship problems that troubled marriages. If you are in Kerry and the neighbouring areas, and you have a marriage that needs guidance and problem-solving help, feel free to call us on 087 1656050, and we will arrange a sitting for you with our counsellor. Get more information on our private counselling sessions here.

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