Hypnotherapy is a practice that embodies the notion of ‘mind over matter’. Killarney Hypnosis Clinic relies on the expertise of a skilled hypnotherapist that has helped change the lives of scores of clients in Kerry. We believe in providing specialised hypnotherapy treatment tailored to your needs.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help You?

Hypnosis Solutions was created in order to help clients kick their bad habits and achieve goals using natural methods.

The most common reason why people come and see our team is to receive hypnotherapy to quit smoking or lose weight.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss in Ireland

Hypnosis for Bad Habits

This technique can be used to address an endless array of issues from addictions to stress.

Addictions Fears And Phobias Sports Improvement
Chocolate Addiction Fear Of Heights Winner Mentality
Facebook Addiction Fear Of Flying Play Better GAA
Pornography Addiction Fear Of Failure Play Better Golf
Internet Addiction Fear Of Driving Play Better Rugby
Sugar Addiction Fear Of Public Speaking Boxing Better
Drug Addiction Fear Of Open Spaces Become A Better Runner
Binge Drinking Fear Of Enclosed Spaces Motivation To Train

Anxieties Physiological Sexual Problems
Social Anxiety Asthma Orgasm Problems
Panic Attacks Chronic Pain Erectile Dysfunction
Interview Anxiety Migraine Sex Therapy For Couple
Excessive Sweating Speech Problems Vaginismus
Exam Nerves Teeth Grinding Premature Ejaculation
Confidence Hypertension Loss Of Interest In Sex
Depression PMS / PMT Sexual Confidence

Your Local Hypnotherapy Kerry Professional

Teddie Drumm is a Kerry-based Clinical Hypnotherapist (ICHP member) who functions from conveniently located workplaces in Killarney and North Cork.

Remember you really should want to alter those old behaviours, as well as results of hypnotherapy may differ from one person to another.

Hypnosis can be a positive step in the direction of attaining your objectives of a much healthier, better life.