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13 Tips to Quit Smoking Naturally in 2019 -

13 Tips to Quit Smoking Naturally in 2019

Build your desire to stop smoking Naturally

13 tips to quit smoking

13 tips to quit smoking

The first step to quit smoking is one’s willingness. One’s strong intention to leave smoking can bring you success.

“The amount of good luck coming your ways depends on your willingness to act”

– says famous American writer Barbara Sher.

So, your journey of quitting this habit starts with your intention to leave it forever. Be it today, tomorrow, this month or next month, once you have set your goal, be determined to that firmly. Remember, nothing can defeat a strong determination.

Prepare a new routine for yourself

13 tips to quit smoking

13 tips to quit smoking

Once you have decided to quit your smoking habit, its time to prepare a new routine for yourself. Take time and plan how you will change your regular habit.

Famous author John C Maxwell said,

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine”.

Hence, anticipate when and why you smoke the most and find alternatives accordingly.  Some of the most common triggers that increase smoking cravings happen after meal, while drinking tea or coffee, during alone time, stressful moment or social gatherings. As a solution to it, you can have a walk immediately after meal or brush your teeth, drink juice instead of coffee, do yoga or meditation to lessen your stress etc.

Try Stop Smoking with Self Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy provides clients with a safe, drug free way to make those necessary yet often difficult changes, break bad habits and take control of their life in general. Over time, the old myths related to this therapy option have subsided.

Remember you really should want to alter those old behaviours, as well as results of hypnotherapy may differ from one person to another.

Hypnosis to stop smoking can be a positive step in the direction of attaining your objectives of a much healthier, better life.

Remind the risks at least once a day

13 tips to quit smoking

13 tips to quit smoking

After you have decided to quit smoking, highlight on the risk factors of smoking.

“Smoking kills half of all lifetime smokers.”

– Dr. Alex Bobak, Anti-smoking group, SCAPE.

Whenever you get distracted with “Just one Smoke” craving, remember what have led you at this level to quit smoking. Focus on the increased physical and mental risks associated with it and how you can lead a healthy life by refraining yourself from the habit. The more you remind the risks, the more encouraged you will be to quit smoking. Some daily practices, for example- reading anti-smoking blogs, YouTube videos, documentaries will encourage you to quit smoking easily.

Alternate your food and drink habits

13 tips to quit smoking

13 tips to quit smoking

Changing some of your food and drink habits is going to make your quit journey more convenient.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

-Hippocrates, Greek Physician.

Some food and drinks enhance your craving for smoking and make it more satisfying. Avoid red meat, cola, caffeine, alcohol etc. for a couple of days during your quit period.  Instead, drink a glass of milk if your craving happens because milk or dairy products do not combine well with cigarettes, eat plenty amount of fresh fruits and vegetables instead to lessen your nicotine addiction.

Remove all your smoking accessories

13 tips to quit smoking

13 tips to quit smoking

Remove all your accessories that remind you of smoking or can increase your temptation for smoking. Leave those behind and move forward.

“Let us move forward with strong and active faith”

– Franklin D. Roosevelt.

 Remove your ashtray, lighter, even one single piece of cigarette from your room, office desk or car. Keep no sign of your smoking habit near you.

Socialize with non-smoking groups

13 tips to quit smoking

13 tips to quit smoking

Leave companion of your smoker friends and associate yourself with people who do not smoke and believe in same ideology.

“A pleasant companion is as good as a coach”,

-Jonathan Swift, Essayist.

 Befriends with some non-smoking groups, go to anti-smoking workshops, seminars etc. to keep yourself motivated in your quit journey. People who do not smoke, will constantly encourage you to keep going and not to smoke ever again.

Spend time with family members, kids and elders

13 tips to quit smoking

13 tips to quit smoking

Family is the center of love, affection and loyalty.

“Families are the compass that guides us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights and our comfort when we occasionally falter”,

-Brad Henry, former governor of Oklahoma.


One usually does not light up a cigarette in front of family members, elders or children. So, spend time with your family members, tell them about your determination to quit smoking. They can be your biggest source of motivation in your quit journey.

Do some “Physical Exercise”

13 tips to quit smoking

13 tips to quit smoking

Ensuring Physical fitness through exercise can be useful to beat nicotine addiction.

“Physical exercise is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity”,

-John F Kennedy.


Studies show that medium level of physical exercises such as aerobic exercise for an hour a day lessen the crave to smoke and withdrawal symptoms. Also, physical activities such as morning walk, jogging in the fresh air can be very effective to combat smoking habit.


Do meditation, yoga, listen to music

13 tips to quit smoking

13 tips to quit smoking

Smoking is not only a physical addiction to nicotine, it is also a physiological urge during tough situations like stress, depression and anger. Hence, give yourself some inner peace and relief.

“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.”

– Gautama Buddha.

Craving to smoke usually last for 10 to 15 minutes. So, indulge yourself into meditation, yoga or prayer to heal your inner soul. You can also listen to your favorite music, songs to refresh your mind. Remember, smoking a cigarette cannot provide inner relief. Great article worth reading on how to quit smoking naturally with yoga.


Take support from medical advisor, counselor

13 tips to quit smoking

13 tips to quit smoking

You can receive medical assistance from your doctor or counsellor. Medical support, for example- Nicotine Replacement Theory can be an option.

The medical support depends on your gender, health condition, your smoking pattern etc. So, if you think you heavily depend on smoking and determine to quit it, get an appointment with your doctor and follow the instructions accordingly.

Have- “I can do it” belief

13 tips to quit smoking

13 tips to quit smoking

Your self-belief is the key of your success. No matter how much addicted you are to smoking cigarette, have a firm belief on yourself and your decision.

“If you don’t give up on something you truly believe in, you will find a way.”

-Roy T. Bennett, The light in the heart.

You may fail in between, light up a cigarette after resisting yourself for a whole day and get frustrated about it. But giving up is never an option and you must harbor your practice. Talk to yourself, write “I have quit smoking” in a paper and repeat it every day. If you have fall, believe in yourself and get going again.

Reward Yourself

13 tips to quit smoking

13 tips to quit smoking

Reward yourself with something good.

“Don’t forget to love yourself”

– Soren Kierkegaard, Danish Philosopher.

Treat yourself with a pleasant thing if you could resist your craving today or did not smoke a single cigarette for a week. Your love for yourself can encourage you not to light up a single cigarette again.

Remember- “Its better late than never”

13 tips to quit smoking

13 tips to quit smoking

Always believe that its better late than never and today is the high time you changed your life.

“The future depends on what you do today.”

-Mahatma Gandhi.

Some Smokers feel afraid to quit smoking because they believe it’s been long. Some think they will quit it once they grow old. However, today is the best time to change your life. So, if you have decided to quit smoking, don’t hesitate to start it from today. Don’t lose a single day, start from today and success will be yours.

Just remember New Year New You.