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About Alaimh Counseling

About Alaimh Counseling

Alaimh Counselling is Teddie Drumm’s private counselling practice. Teddie is married over 30 years with 5 children. He ran various successful business ventures such as catering company and commercial cleaning company. Due to health reason’s had to consider a new career which opened a new and exciting chapter in Teddie’s life. Never one to shy away from adversity Teddie started studying counselling & psychotherapy. Even though never finished school originally Teddie did not leave that limit his options and has gone on to attain APCP accreditation which has been a huge achievement.

Started studying in Cork Counselling Centre, Matthew Street Cork City. and then proceeding to go onto study in ICHAS Limerick. Where he graduated with a BA Degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy. Where he also received full accredited with APCP and member of BACP.

Teddie continues to keep expanding his knowledge. Since being fully qualified he has went on to train in mindfulness and have a certificate from the HSE in Sexual Health.

In 2017, Teddie completed Hypnotherapy Psychotherapy course and is a member of the Institue of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Association.

What is Private Counselling?

Counselling is a formal therapy session facilitated by a professional counsellor where an individual is given the venue to talk about his thoughts and feelings. It based on a special yet professional relationship between a client and a counsellor where it aims to empower the client.

Our Counselling Services Kerry Clinic

Alaimh Counselling Kerry provides therapy sessions to those needing in our clinics in Killarney, Kerry County.

Private Counselling Services Kerry

If we find conflict, we are well connected to other places where your problem will be checked in a wider scope and advanced services to help you recover. Types of services with your local Kerry counsellor.

Bereavement Counselling Kerry

If someone close to lost his or her life, it’s hard to come to terms with the situation and the enormous changes happening in your life. We help you cope with the grief, gain your personality and have a sense of reality.

Couple Counselling Kerry

Marriage advice helps couples of all ages to recognise and resolve their conflicts with the aim of improving their relationships. This type of counsel helps make thoughtful decisions on how a couple is going to handle their relationship.

Psychotherapist Kerry

Therapist work involves seeing a medical doctor who specialises in mental health. Psychiatrists, in general, are qualified to assess both mental and physical aspects related to a particular psychological problem.

Mental Health Help

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Our Counselling Services Kerry Clinic

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